Genji is the Social Listening tool that supercharges game growth

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About the team

We're gaming industry veterans. Through our experiences in gaming, we unlocked the path to most important component of all great games: listening to your players. Genji provides your team with deep player sentiment analysis 24/7, so you can focus on building phenomenal player experiences.

  • Alay Joglekar

    CEO & Co-founder

    Alay was previously Co-founder at and Head of Global Social, Influencer Programs, & PR at Riot Games.

    Currently playing: F1 2023

  • Kevin Ko

    CTO & Co-founder

    Kevin was previously Co-founder at MightyScout where he built social data infrastructure for ecommerce social listening.

    Currently playing: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Founder Letter

Genji makes game development feel special again

Gaming is a passion industry. We love games, so why is the game industry so hard to work in?

We get to create entire worlds that deeply change lives. My life wouldn't be the same without those late nights raiding Molten Core or exploring Hyrule.

But that's not how work feels. On any given Monday, you're in the trenches. Answering pissed off email #34 and thinking about uninstalling Discord...again.

And the long hours. Constant deadlines. Your competitor announced a new title and it looks great. Wait, they're getting a TV show too??

But there are moments that make it worth it. The relief of a successful launch. An uptick in your store rating. Hilarious memes on Twitter. The look of a streamer who knows they'll never be the same after playing your game.

You know the joy of gaming is still there, somewhere. You want to craft magical games and you know that player feedback is needed to do so. If only it weren't so dang hard to sort through.

Video games are fun, your job should be too. That's the way it should be.

With Genji, we want to make it so. We offer a solution built using cutting-edge technology to help you understand your community—instantly.

If we can do that, it'll give you the room to make better games, and we'll all be better off for it.

Genji is our tribute to community managers, product teams, and creatives. We're here to help you make the games you love, in the conditions you deserve, and I hope you'll join us.